Here at Warwickshire Drain Services we offer a wide range of comprehensive tanker services. We operate a fleet of tankers with fully qualified teams of engineers who attend site to carry out the following services:

• Drain unblocking and drain cleaning for large diameter pipework Our vacuum tanker is capable of cleaning silted pipework up to 1200mm in diameter!

• Gully emptying and Slot Drain Cleaning Flooding can cause a build-up of silt debris in sewers and road gullies. The silt then settles preventing gullies and sewers draining efficiently. Our combination tanker is excellent at remedying these issues, as not only can it remove silt from gullies with the vacuum, then flush through silted sewers and remove the silt, therefore returning the sewer to a serviceable and free flowing condition.

• Waste Removal and Disposal Whether it’s foul waste, oil, water or grease, our tanker is fully equipped and ready to remove and dispose of the waste.

• Cleaning of Grease Traps Grease can build up very quickly inside grease traps causing them to block and become unserviceable. A build-up of grease can also become a source of unpleasant odours. Our grease trap cleaning service is fast and reliable and will get your drains flowing again in no time!

• CCTV Works Our tanker team are also available to work alongside one of our CCTV crews ensuring you get a fully comprehensive report of a clean drainage system. If you require the CCTV survey crew to attend with tanker, you will be required to request this through the Operations Department.

• Specialised 7.5 Tonne Micro Vacuum Tanker Our specialist 7.5 tonne tanker is perfect for working in height and space restricted areas such as car parks or tight roads.