Here at Warwickshire Drain Services we offer a range of cost effective ways to repair leaking or damaged drains by re-lining the damaged pipework without the need to excavate.

This works by inserting or pulling a resin impregnated felt into the position of the damaged pipework it is then inverted by water or air and left to cure in place. Once cured we remove the inversion tube leaving in place a new water tight section of pipework within the old damaged one, restoring the drain to water tight condition.

We offer the following drain lining services:

Patch Lining
This targeted lining repair offers a cost-effective solution to fix individual pipework defects.

Insitu Pipe Lining
This continuous lining repair offers a fast and reliable solution to fix long lengths of damaged pipework.

Flexi Pipe Lining
This lining repair allows us to repair long lengths of pipework with multiple bends and damaged pipework.